We are here for all the needs of your child, their early development, physical and mental health.

Medical work is a team work and pediatrician is not sometimes able to make a good diagnostic and therapeutic decision without consulting a colleague from the narrow field who only deals with it and is additionally professionally trained for it.

If there is a need for a subspecialist examination in the field of pediatrics, our kind nurses will give you detailed information.

A team of 12 experts, reputable Montenegrin children’s subspecialists, takes care of all segments necessary for the healthy and carefree growth of your little ones.

For the needs of our patients, we can organize ultrasound of the hips, brain as well as the liver, spleen, kidneys, bladder and lymph nodes.

Medical examination of the pediatric pulmonologist, nephrologist, gastroenterologist, hematologist, endocrinologist, rheumatologist, allergist, neurologist, physiatrist, surgeon, ENT specialist, neonatologist, urologist, orthopedist and psychiatrist can be performed in our Pediatric Center.

Our counselors are both a psychologist and a speech therapist.