A pleasant and colorful environment for tear-free doctor's appointment

Welcome to Doktorica Mica!

We are aware that a friendly atmosphere at the doctor’s office is the most important thing for a child. Our 40 years of experience combined means that our first patients became parents and they bring their own children today.

Our doctors

Our team, besides Dr. Vjera Janković and Dr. Nina Mandić, consists of numerous other Montenegrin sub specialists


Our consultants are distinguished Montenegrin experts from all fields of children’s medicine, including speech therapists and psychologists.


Besides standard and general medical appointments we also do home visits, and if necessary, inhalation, infusion…


The phone is open for advice throughout the day and 48 hours after your appointment DAY AND NIGHT for patients who came to see us.



Around the clock appointments





Home visits


On the spot lab results



General doctor appointments



Allergy tests


Expert help in the newborn care


Parent education


Important note:

In the event of worsening of your child’s health (elevated temperature accompanied by frequent vomiting and/or skin rashes and poor general condition), you can contact us at any time of day and night, 48 hours from the examination in our office at number 067-322-228.

The call can only be made from the number you gave us.

For your and your child’s comfort schedule an appointment

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mob 067 32 22 28